• I can only recommend company My Best Care. The staff is incredibly nice, friendly, the office environment is very nice and I am very satisfied with wrinkle filler. Now I don’t say to myself in front of the mirror: “Oops, I’m so old and wrinkly!” I’m glad that this facility is in Beroun, because I wouldn’t want to drive up...

    LIBUŠE (50)


  • I’m a mother of three children and all my care I give to them, but my time came now. After consultation with Mgr. Pavlína Vlasáková, I decided for correction of wrikles on my forehead, in between the eyebrows and NOSE wrikles. I appreciate very nice and professional approach, very comfortable office environment. The result was visible right away and I...

    MICHAELA (39)


  • I am very excited by approach of the doctor and nurse after first visit. I used to go to one unknown clinics in Prague with my problems, however I would like to become your patient now from several reasons. I was very pleased by your prices, nice environment, but mainly the fact that I don’t always have to look for...

    Petra K.


  • Dear Mrs. Doctor, thank you for your email and I would like to say that I was very satisfied with services of MyBestCare clinic. Attitude of the staff was professional and nice, environment was also very nice.

    Alena K.


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Treatment with blood plasma
Treatment with blood plasma

the essence of this treatment is releasing of growing factors from activated blood cells, these cells then greatly support regeneration in tissues of musculoskeletal system (cartilages, joints, ligaments, tendons muscles).

Cryolipolysis for 1590,-
Cryolipolysis for 1590,-

The most effective and the least invasive method of removing subcutaneous fat. It's a process of controlled freezing of fat lipocryocells whose content crystallizes, then the fat cell dies and is removed of the body.

Laser epilation
Laser epilation

Only laser epilation is method which will help you reduce undesirable hair for several years. We use top laser, which can remove hairs (bulbs) Light Sheer Duet.

Eyelid surgery
Eyelid surgery

od plastického chirurga s více než 10letou praxí. +PRP plazma k urychlení hojení, cena 8.990Kč Prvních 10 klientek získává voucher na naše služby v hodnotě 1000Kč.

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