What is ulthera?

Ulthera or ultherapy is the American revolutionary technology that allows us to effectively fight the signs of aging and signs of Earth's gravity on our skin.

With use of non-surgical treatment with focused ultrasound, we will achieve lifting without the use of invasive techniques.


How does the treatment work?

We attach to the client's skin smooth ultrasonic horn and a pre-plotted array. Then, on the screen of ULTHERA device, we can see detailed image of the skin, which will help us accurately plan the treatment. This head then sends precisely targeted intense pulses of ultrasound. The skin reacts to the supplied energy by creating new collagen which makes the skin gradually solidified and tightened. While the top layers of the skin remain intact. Treatment takes about 1 hour.


Ulthera pacient 1 Ulthera pacient 2 Ulthera pacient 3





Ulthera pacient 1 Ulthera pacient 2 Ulthera pacient 3

The uniqueness of ulthera lifting

The advantage of ultherapy face and neck is that it acts in the same subcutaneous layer (SMAS), as a classic procedure (resurfacing) of plastic surgeon.This layer is located at the depth of 4.5 mm. A dense network of tiny points can shorten platysma - literally shrink it a bit.

At this depth of subcutaneous tissue can not apply any existing method:
- Laser - IPL - fractional radiofrequency - plasma -

It is too deep for non-invasive technology. Without tightening the skin connective muscle structures (SMAS), it is not possible to talk about ability to replace surgical lifting. The procedure uses the natural regenerative ability of the organism to gently and gradually restore the memory of skin and supporting tissues. This ability of ultherapy to treat not only the surface of the skin, but also its deep layers, very precisely provides a safe, natural and superior results without the need of recovery. With ultherapy is treated skin around the face (cheeks and neck) and around the eyes (brow-lifting).
What result can I expect?

A single treatment using device Ulthera will start overall regenerative process of facial rejuvenation. Facelifting effect is gradual and very significant, especially in the area of chin and cheeks.
The final result is developed progressively over the following 2-3 months. The visible results include lifting and firming of sagging skin. The result of this treatment persists for several years.

Is ultherapy safe?


Ultrasound treatment is used in medicine for more than 50 years and also for facial rejuvenation.
Clinical studies of Ulthera and resulting high medical certification - American FDA, which as the only device of its kind received, confirmed the high level of safety of this treatment. So you can enjoy a truly safe facelifting (resurfacing).

Who is good candidate for ultratherapy?

Ultherapy is an effective alternative for those who refuse surgical lifting procedure, either because of the long and painful convalescence or because of the possibility of creating unnatural facial expressions, which a classic facelift can leave, unlike Ultherapy. Suitable candidate is anyone whose skin is saggy and less firm.